Spine Mountain Rescue Challenge Talk

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the crowd of people who gathered in Old Glossop last night to hear Tim talk about his experience of running the Spine Mountain Rescue Challenge – 108 miles up the Pennine Way in the depths of winter this January. All monies raised from entry to the talk are going to Glossop Mountain Rescue Team (£90) and the money from drinks and homemade cakes goes to the scouts for loaning us the venue. For a full account of Tim’s race and preparation for it he wrote several blogs over on TestedToDestruction. Lynne wrote … Continue reading

5 tips when preparing for your first marathon or ultra race

In 2015 Lynne completed her first marathon (Howgills 26 Trail Marathon) in May and later in the year she successfully finished her first ultra race (the 55km off-road Long Tour of Bradwell (LTOB)). In the weeks and months following each she spent a fair amount of time considering how each had gone, what went well and where she could improve. With only two races over 25 miles under her belt she’s no expert, but she does have a few secret strategies to share with you. We hope they help you with race preparations! These are Lynne’s 5 top tips when preparing for your first marathon or ultra race: … Continue reading

Coping with Injury

Perhaps this is a good time to talk about injuries and coping with them, and maybe, how not to re-injure yourself through coming back too quickly. The reason for this is because I recently had my first DNF in a fell race, through an impact injury with a rock. A few days later, my knee was still pretty swollen, I couldn’t bend it so well… In fact I could barely walk up stairs. It was going to be a good couple of weeks, if not more, before I could actually get out to run, cycle, or even get on the rowing machine. … Continue reading

From Flagging to Finishing

As you may know, we are both fell runners and members of Glossopdale Harriers. Each September our club organises a race from Glossop up onto the wilds of the Bleaklow plateau, across featureless peat bog moor and back down to civilisation. This year Shelf Moor Fell Race took place on 7 September, starting at 11am. In the run up to any event there is a whole list of jobs to be done, and in a fell race many of those fall to the responsibility of the Race Organiser. However, being a club organised event, on race day, and indeed the day … Continue reading

Strength training for running – a waste of time?

Strength training for running is a bit of a funny subject amongst runners. Some people say that the best training for running is running – which, to a point is true, but there are some processes which will help you run further, faster and more efficiently which you cannot improve just by pounding long miles. The main “reason” for not doing weight training (if we, for a moment , forget about downright laziness) is the somewhat long in the tooth “But I don’t want to put on muscle! – it will increase my weight, and that will make me slower” … Continue reading

Sports Massage in Switzerland

The time had come for the Global Therapies team to take a break. Since starting out nearly three years ago we’ve taken a few short breaks, had the obvious break down at the Olympics last year, but not had a full battery recharge on a trip abroad. When our running club, Glossopdale Harriers, announced the 2013 annual trip was to the Swiss Alps we booked our flights and started planning. Extending the club trip by another week meant we had the opportunity to travel around the alps a little, visiting Bettmeralp, Kandersteg, and Grindelwald. Along with running shoes, sun cream … Continue reading