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Postnatal fitness Restore and Heal after birth. SPECIALIST TRAINING FOR BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY Glossop Personal Training

Want to restore, heal and come back stronger after giving birth?

A baby takes around nine months to develop, and the changes your body goes through in that time and during birth can be challenging. We appreciate this, and always work at a safe pace to allow your body to fully heal in the postnatal period without compromising your safety. This is the time to be extra kind and patient with your body because restoring strength and healing your body takes time.

SPECIALIST TRAINING FOR BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY Glossop Personal TrainingPregnancy naturally alters your abdominal muscles to accomodate your baby, and in some cases abdominal separation or Diastasis Recti (DR) occurs. This is where the connective tissue and muscles become stretched, weakening your abdominal wall. Most DR resolve naturally and return to full function after birth. When healing is prolonged it can result in back tension and impact your ability to lift safely or even balance well. With correct exercise and nutrition it is possible for DR to heal, however to be effective and prevent increasing the severity of the DR, exercise needs to be undertaken in a moderated and safe way.

With my guidance and your commitment we can help you to heal, return to full fitness and be even stronger than before pregnancy.

  • Regular exercise will help regain fitness and strength after birth
  • I assess for abdominal separation and provide safe exercises to promote abdominal healing
  • I offer advice and functional exercise strategies to regain strength and improve pelvic floor functioning
  • I give nutritional guidance for the promotion of body healing and to support breastfeeding should you choose to feed your baby in this way

SPECIALIST TRAINING FOR BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY Glossop Personal Training Diastasis RectiThe postnatal period should be regarded as a special period of recovery and healing and it is important to recognise that this phase cannot be rushed. It is possible to return to your pre-pregnancy weight and even be stronger and fitter than you were before, but the exercise and healing process we guide you through is for life: taking your time is absolutely worth it.

Don’t just take our word for it that we can help you. One of our wonderful personal training clients has achieved so much since starting postnatal training with us. Read all about Jo’s journey, through postnatal fitness and how she’s restored and healed her body after giving birth.

Come back STRONGER!

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