Burbage Skyline

This was a fairly popular one. Managed to get there early and bagged a carparking space, and an entry form- which were in somewhat short supply as they had been forgotten by the race organiser.(He’d remembered EVERYTHING else, but of the entry forms, there were only 8). So got my number, and stood around waiting. Within a short time there was an almighty queue for race numbers, not going anywhere. However, it was soon sorted and there were people all around getting changed, pinning on numbers and generally prepping for the run.There were all kinds of runners there, from serious … Continue reading

Crowden Horseshoe

My second fell race of the season. I didn’t really think about entering it until a couple of days ago – I knew that Burbage Skyline was coming up, but this wasn’t really on my radar. Barely 6 miles from home, this was a good one to start getting used to a longer race. Herod Farm was short at 5 miles or so, this was a slightly more challenging 8(ish).Lynne kindly drove me over, and then wandered about the hillside taking rather marvellous photos of people plunging down toward the end. The beginning was fast – over road for about … Continue reading

Herod Farm Fell Race

Entered my first fell race in the Peak today. I have run a couple down south, but never anywhere where there that actually been proper hills. The Herod Farm race is organised by Glossopdale Harriers http://www.glossopdale.org.uk/, and is famed for the “2nd hill”.Normally, short fell races are run on an up and back basis- so once you have got all the climbing out of the way, there is little else to do except run like hellfire to get back down to the bottom of the hill.Herod Farm is different. It follows all the usual bits, like running up a hill … Continue reading