Lymphatic Drainage


Please note, at this time we do not offer lymphatic drainage massage for post-cosmetic surgery conditions.

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle yet highly effective treatment that stimulates the body’s natural lymph system, enabling it to work more efficiently, reduce swelling and clear blockages to boost your immune system. Treatments increase circulation which enables your body to clear waste substances more effectively, leaving you feeling stimulated and refreshed.

Lymphatic Drainage GlossopLymphatic drainage can assist the body in eliminating waste and toxins, thereby boosting your immune system and improving your metabolism. The lymph system is closely connected with the circulatory system, so this treatment helps to drain excess fluids and waste from tissues back towards the kidneys, where they are either extracted and given a chance to be purged from the body, or cleaned and returned to the bloodstream.

Lymphatic drainage treatment is quite specific in working lymphatic fluid towards lymph nodes, whereas a deep tissue or sports massage concentrates on specific muscles and soft tissues. As such, lymphatic drainage massage is a very gentle rhythmic treatment paying greater attention to light pumping of lymph towards your body’s lymph nodes and drainage points.

Your metabolic system determines the things which will nourish your body, and those which are toxic towards it – either from the external environment (e.g. pollutants) or the food and drink choices we make and consume. Lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent choice for anyone with metabolism concerns, such as weight loss, poor circulation, water retention through specific medical conditions or during pregnancy and a generally achy body. As it can be excellent at boosting immunity, it’s a great treatment to try if you regularly have viral colds, flu or a compromised immune system.

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Price: £75.00 for 1 hour

Please do not book via our online booking system for LD treatments as we need to check that this treatment is suitable for you in the first instance. To book call us on 07985 251185 or email

Please note, at this time we do not offer lymphatic drainage massage for post-cosmetic surgery conditions.

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