Testimonial – Jud Hirst

Personal Training Testimonial – Jud Hirst

Jud tells us about his training journey from 5k jogger to ultra running

Having an enthusiastic and committed attitude towards training are qualities we admire, and seek to inspire in the clients we train. Jud has these qualities in abundance, and we’re humbled to have such a superb recommendation from him. Jud has been training with us now for about a year, and as around 8 months have passed since writing his original testimonial he thought it was time to give us an update. He’s around two weeks away from participating the ultimate target event that his training has been aimed at for the past year….over to Jud…

Glossop Personal Training testimonialLynne’s training and the momentum she has generated has taken me from 5k jogger, to running my first marathon and now onwards to my first ultra!

I won’t say that it’s been an easy ride (or should that be run) – but I’ve gone from someone who put off exercise to someone who wants to exercise! I’ve set PB’s at 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k, half marathon, marathon and I’ve also completed my first 50k ultra-marathon.

I’ll be first to admit that my times aren’t earth shattering – but when you consider the marathon route traversed the Howgill Fells, was mainly on trails and had just under 1,600 metres of ascent and descent it begins to sound more respectful. When I went over the finish line I felt good and I even thought I had a few more kilometres in me, which was quite lucky as I had to drive back to Glossop afterwards!

I have recently run my second trail marathon in the Lake District and once I’d passed the finish line and collected my medal I carried on for a further 8k to reach 50k (officially an ultra-distance). The reason for this is that in August I have registered for the Ultra Tour of the Peak District a 100k race with about 3k of ascent and descent that is run on tracks and trails around the Peak District!!!

It’s also affected my wallet – I’m spending less on the weekly shop, but I’ve also had to start replacing my wardrobe as belts can only tighten trousers so far and shirts were beginning to look a bit tentish!!! But it’s nice to be able fit into the t-shirts I bought on my Honeymoon (albeit them being 10 years old).

If you want a friendly, progressive, winners approach to reaching your personal aims look no further than the Global Therapies full package (Lynne’s training and Tim’s Massage and Physio). My journey would not have been as successful as it has without them.”

Here’s Jud’s story from November 2014:

Glossop Personal Training testimonialI had reached a point of no return – I needed to change! I knew it wasn’t a mid-life crisis, reality was calling.

I’d slowly gained weight, lost my fitness and knew that I was stuck in a rut! I was still running and going to the gym, but my workouts lacked direction, commitment and energy.

I decided that a Personal Trainer would be able to tailor my training specifically for running, that they would enable me to reach my personal targets and keep me focused, motivated and energised to reach my goals.

I originally asked Lynne for advice on whether she could recommend any Personal Trainers, not knowing that she was herself one. I have known her for a couple of years and knew that she herself was motivated and physically fit, as well as being a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, Hill and Moorland Leader and a UK Athletics Fell Leader in Running Fitness coach. I also respected her opinion, so I was delighted to hear that she was a Personal Trainer as well.

Glossop Personal Training testimonialEach of my sessions has been designed by Lynne to progress me to reach my first target. Each session is different, full of mini-challenges and attainable goals. Though they are physically testing they leave me feeling energised and revitalised. She uses a holistic approach which covers so much more than just training and looks at injury prevention, lifestyle and dietary considerations.

In the last 10 weeks I have lost over a stone in weight, toned up, feel revitalised, gained stamina and speed as well as surpassing my 1st personal target which was a top 50 placing in a 11k Trail race – I was happy to come in at 31st position. Not only that but I also feel more confident about my body shape – the belly is shrinking and I have set new targets for 2015, including a half and full marathon.

Whatever your desired outcomes are, I know that Lynne will be able to help you achieve them. She offers a professional, empathetic service (as she herself has lost over 2 stone in weight), tailored to enable you achieve and smash your personal goals!”


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