Sports Massage in Switzerland

The time had come for the Global Therapies team to take a break. Since starting out nearly three years ago we’ve taken a few short breaks, had the obvious break down at the Olympics last year, but not had a full battery recharge on a trip abroad. When our running club, Glossopdale Harriers, announced the 2013 annual trip was to the Swiss Alps we booked our flights and started planning.

Extending the club trip by another week meant we had the opportunity to travel around the alps a little, visiting Bettmeralp, Kandersteg, and Grindelwald. Along with running shoes, sun cream and camping gear we packed massage lotion and Rocktape. We knew we just couldn’t do without our regular treatments, and Rocktape helps with prolonging fatigue – there were a good number of long days and big ascents planned!  We had an incredible time with lots of running, walking, relaxing and spending time in awe of the magnificent mountains. Here’s a few photos from the trip:

As you can see from the photos, the Rocktape was used and helped us on the long days. In the evenings we had plenty of time to fit in some sports massage therapy for ourselves and some of the group members. On a recovery day (where I spent most of the day on the balcony with binoculars looking for the rest of the group on the mountains opposite) I made good use of my frozen ‘foam’ roller. Not sure what the locals thought of me rollering around on the floor but my legs really appreciated the cooling effect in the midday heat.

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