5 tips when preparing for your first marathon or ultra race

In 2015 Lynne completed her first marathon (Howgills 26 Trail Marathon) in May and later in the year she successfully finished her first ultra race (the 55km off-road Long Tour of Bradwell (LTOB)). In the weeks and months following each she spent a fair amount of time considering how each had gone, what went well and where she could improve. With only two races over 25 miles under her belt she’s no expert, but she does have a few secret strategies to share with you. We hope they help you with race preparations! These are Lynne’s 5 top tips when preparing for your first marathon or ultra race: … Continue reading

Obesity: here’s few thoughts

The BBC’s recent article, “Weight loss surgery reduces diabetes risk” got me thinking. Why are there even discussions about surgery for weight loss to reduce anybody’s risk of Type 2 Diabetes? Why? Why not prescribe exercise and a healthy diet? I realise that may not be possible for some people, but surgery as an option? Surely for the masses surgery should be the last resort and the least likely option. “The UK NHS is considering offering the procedure [weight loss surgery] to tens of thousands of people to prevent diabetes.” Are we really living in an age when education about healthy food choices and … Continue reading