Dig Deep Ultra Weekend

This week has been fairly busy for different events that we have been helping out at. First Offerton 10k and then this. The Dig Deep Ultra Weekend, with a 60, 30, 12.12 and 6 mile races organised by EightPointTwo. The days were gloriously sunny (though the runners may prefer to say it was stiflingly hot), and we were set up, alongside Outside, in the event centre, a barn on the site of Whirlow Hall Farm, which was the venue for the event. Saturday was the day for the long events – the 60 and 30 milers. Conditions were tough out … Continue reading

Hope Wakes Fell Race

For the third year in a row we were invited, and went over to Hope for the Hope Wakes fell race to help out with post race massage for the runners. We have had a cracking time there every year, and this was no exception. I decided that running it was not going to be an option this year, courtesy of a slightly twisted ankle at the weekend, so settled down to watch. There was again a record turnout of well over 250 runners, so registration and the start line were crowded. Stuart Bond won the race again, and broke … Continue reading

Hope Wakes Fell Race

Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Fell race from this perspective. Standing around at the beginning, not in a vest or shorts, watching loads of runners that I know going in and registering, and standing by the start with an icecream and a camera watching them all speed off into the distance. Yes, we were back at Hope Wakes Fell Race yesterday. A year ago I ran around the course and then helped out with the post-race massage. Lynne was also there, massaging away but did not run the race. This year was only slightly different in that … Continue reading

Pre-Edale Skyline Knee update

I thought it might be a nice idea to write a quick update on my knee and the way it’s going after my last blog about the overuse injury. After a lot of reading and researching through various books, ebooks, and other such things, it was evident that the issue was not, as most people assume, to do with the knee. As previously mentioned, the knee can’t really do much wrong in and of itself unless you hit it with or against something hard and solid. I certainly did not do that, so the injury had to be a chronic … Continue reading

Last race report of the year

Sorry, there are no pictures on this one, but Lynne was running… not taking pictures, might have to get used to that in the next year… unless I manage to work out how to run and shoot at the same time… Instead, you can have a link to my Garmin track The Map Its been a while since I did a race report, mainly because I haven’t been racing since September/October. (For various reasons including, but not limited to, minor injuries to toes, heels, and other less important running parts, not being in the right place at the right time, … Continue reading

Lantern Pike Fell Race

Well. I didn’t enjoy that! Mainly, it has to be said because my running style doesn’t seem to work with a race like that, it was hard, hard work, and it wasn’t the hills that did for me. So what happened? This particular version of a Fell race up Lantern pike is run on the first day of the Hayfield Sheepdog trials and show. We got there in plenty of time, thanks to a lift with one of my fellow triplers from last week, John S, and wandered around the show for a while. Lots of good stuff to see … Continue reading