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1-2-1 Personal Training in a private gym

Embark on a personalized fitness journey with us! Let’s team up to create a workout experience that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring you reach your goals in a way that’s uniquely yours. We’ll collaborate on setting both short and long-term milestones, making each session tailored to your individual needs. Because, just like you, every goal is distinct, and no two training programs are alike.

Get ready for a fitness adventure that’s all about you and your success!

Lynne Taylor Personal Trainer Glossop

Ready to achieve your fitness goals and much more?

Secure your spot for tailored training sessions now and experience the motivation, inspiration, and expert guidance that will propel you towards success!

Meet Lynne, a seasoned personal trainer with a rich background spanning over 10 years. With a special focus on perimenopause, pregnancy, and postnatal fitness, Lynne brings a wealth of experience to her training sessions.

Transformation starts with your willingness to embrace change. We will help you with:

Tailored Goal Setting: Personalized sessions allow for specific goal setting aligned with your unique fitness aspirations.

Enhanced Fitness and Health: You not only meet your fitness goals but also to improve overall health, leaving you feeling energized and revitalized.

Motivation Boost: Benefit from the constant motivation and inspiration, helping you stay focused and committed.

Inspired Workouts: Enjoy workouts crafted to inspire and invigorate, making each session a positive and empowering experience.

Accountability Partner: Having a personal trainer creates a sense of accountability, keeping you on track and motivated to consistently show up for your sessions.

Success Stories:

Client Testimonial – Ingrid Lewis

I contacted Lynne with 2 requests: Specifically, I wanted to reduce my risk of osteoporosis, having seen several women in my family badly affected by it. And generally, I wanted to “not end up like my parents” in old age, really struggling with mobility.

I’m not inactive – I own two huge horses who keep me on the move! But after sadly losing my parents, I was determined to rebuild my fitness and strength which had declined over several years spent focused on parent-care needs.

I have a hectic, stressful job too, so I knew I would struggle to keep up an exercise regime without someone holding me accountable. I’d started the Couch to 5k programme two or three times and never finished, mostly because my knees or feet would hurt too much. I always assumed my hypermobile joints were telling me I wasn’t meant to run even though I wanted to!

I’ve been working with Lynne once a week for about 9 weeks so far. Each session pushes me a bit further but is carefully planned within my limits (and always factors in what my dislocation-prone knees can or can’t handle!).

I can see and feel so many differences in just 2 months!

I had lost almost 2 stone over the previous year using the Noom diet, but was disappointed that I still felt flabby, overweight and unfit. What a difference after 9 weeks of training with Lynne! I now can’t help staring in the mirror every time I walk past, saying “are those really my legs?”!!

I don’t just look slimmer and more toned. Many daily activities now feel so much easier, from simple things like walking up the stairs to carrying 20kg horse feed bags and heavy water barrels. No more huffing, puffing and groaning!

Although I’m not running with Lynne, her support each week and the progressive strength-building have helped me complete the C25k programme and achieve running 5k.

I’m now wondering how long before I can smash a 10k run – something I would never have thought possible 2 months ago!

Ingrid Lewis, December 2023

Client Testimonial – Dan Asbury

In late 2016 following a very painful completion of the Lakeland 50 (13 hours 16 minutes) I made an appointment with Tim to fix my legs and he gave me three strength exercises for my hips! 

These three exercises and a lot of running, without injury, lead to a 12 hr 15 min Lakeland 50 in 2018. 

I was aiming at a sub-12-hour Lakeland 50; I said it didn’t bother me, but I think those 15 minutes did bother me.

Moving onto 2022 I managed to negotiate permission to enter again as a 50 @ 50 years challenge, this turned into a 50 @ 49 years challenge as I entered a year early because of the ballot process.

No messing this time, so I arranged to see Tim every 5-6 weeks from January to July 2023 for coaching, physio or whatever I needed to get strong and fit to have the best chance to complete a sub-12 hour run

During these sessions, Tim’s advise gave me the confidence to push away most of my doubts and, in each session, we tweaked the strength exercises to work on the new issues occurring because of the training, discussed heart rate zones and training effort. “You will be fine”, “you have done enough” he must have said those words so many times. 

My over analysis of virtually everything must have driven him mad. Tim’s thinking outside of the box to find creative fixes, for my body and my mind was impressive.

My long runs were shorted than in 2018 but, I was stronger. I still felt I hadn’t done enough, despite Tims words, I was nervous….so, what happened?

It hurt, quite a lot, for a long time but, I ran through Coniston, when the pubs were still open (this was a far fetched “wouldn’t it be amazing if” goal)

I crossed the finish line 11 hours 14 minutes after the start. I finished in the top 10% finishers

Sub-12 hour was the goal, I would not have believed being this far under that target to be possible, but with Tim’s expert advice, coaching and patience I smashed it!  

I wonder if I could shave off another 14 minutes…. 

Dan Asbury, December 2023

With our established background in Physiotherapy and Sports Massage we’re also here to support you in overcoming injuries, ensuring a swift return to full fitness. Let’s work together to get you back to 100% and thriving in no time!

Lynne’s Qualifications:

  • Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Certified 3rd Age Woman Instructor
  • Pregnancy Exercise & Birth Preparation Programming
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • UK Athletics Fell Leader in Running Fitness
  • Wilderness First Aid Certificate
  • Hill and Moorland Leader (MTA)

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