Testimonial – Cat Upton

Personal Training Testimonial – Cat Upton

Cat’s inspiring account of why she’d recommend training with us:

Glossop Personal Training testimonial“Earlier this year I got back into exercise after quite a few years of being relatively inactive.

I completed the Beginners Running course with Lynne and she was so motivational and supportive that I decided to carry on and do the Intermediate Running course and start personal training with her.

I have increased my fitness, lost weight, already completed some of my fitness goals… but most of all I have started to enjoy exercise again! Lynne knows loads of off – road routes and we have explored loads of countryside around Glossop, which helps distract from running uphill, as does her enthusiasm and knowledge of nature.

Lynne tailors the PT to suit your goals and even when I have had a specific injury or issue, she takes the time to help me with that… she has even ran a parkrun with me to help me get my PB! The PT sessions are difficult,  but I can see the improvement in myself and what I am able to do. Best of all, no session is ever the same,  so it never gets boring.

As an added bonus,  the people I have met on both running courses have been great and even though the courses have finished we still meet up to go running together.

I would recommend either the running courses or PT with Lynne even if you are new to exercise, you won’t regret it!”


Glossop Personal Training testimonialHere’s an update from Cat:

“I am a big fan of Global Therapies. I have been having personal training with Lynne for a few months now. I started PT to get fit and lose weight (which I have done),  but it has ended up being about so much more. Lynne has helped me change my mindset about food, caffeine, being positive and supported me through injury and illness. I can’t recommend training with her enough!”

I have also seen Tim for both physiotherapy and acupuncture for a lower back injury. I have seen other physiotherapists in the past who have just given me a list of exercises, but Tim really took time to help get to the cause of my issues and I feel I understand my injury and what i need to help me not only recover but to come back stronger (and Lynne had helped me implement a training plan to do just that).

Finally, I cannot express how much my mind has changed about acupuncture. I had never thought it could help my back… and I cannot thank Tim enough for the style of his treatments. He gave me the choice to see the needles or not,  to have an explanation of the procedure or not and really explained that was happening and how it would help me in a way I could understand. The whole time he kept me calm and I had confidence in what he was doing throughout. In my case, my experience was that on the day of treatment I felt very tired afterwards but I woke up the day after the sessions pain free and free from stiffness for a good few days. Fantastic!”

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