Testimonial – Jo Jackson

Jo talks about her journey through postnatal fitness:

“I was introduced to Lynne in April 2014, when some lovely friends bought me an ante-natal massage as a birthday treat.  I was due in the May, and 8 months into a pretty challenging pregnancy I felt huge, uncomfortable, lumbering and fed-up! I was suffering with low back pain as the muscles of my lower back were in spasm.  Lynne was able to use her specialist soft tissue techniques on them and I left that session feeling relaxed, energised and more comfortable than I had done in months, and having talked about her personal training, it was only natural that a few months later I was calling her up to see if she could have the same effect on my wrecked post-natal body.  It was the best thing I could have possibly done!

Jo talks about her journey through postnatal fitness. SPECIALIST TRAINING FOR BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY Glossop Personal TrainingI’ve always exercised, and always considered myself reasonably fit and active, but when I thought about it, my commitment to exercise had been rather haphazard.  I’ve spent fortunes on gym memberships that remained unused, and I’ve thrown myself all guns blazing into a new routine only for it to dwindle out weeks later. What I wanted from Lynne was to help me recover my body and start me down a path of sustainable wellbeing, investing in my health for the future.

I approached my first session with a slight feeling of trepidation, I’d never worked with a personal trainer before and it felt like a massive step, but Lynne is a very clever lady…she helped me work out a set of realistic goals, and then started me on a programme that essentially reined in my gung-ho attitude.  Also, as a result of my pregnancy, I knew that I had quite a significant Diastasis Recti, or Abdominal Separation.  Lynne assessed this thoroughly and accounted for it in my programme, monitoring it regularly, progressing me in a safe and consistent way so that by only my third week I was already seeing improvement.  Lynne is so knowledgable, she was able to answer all my questions, provided me with advice not just on exercise, but also on nutrition and lifestyle and I have always felt very safe in her hands.  Lynne is also unique in that, with her background in sports massage she is also able to treat musculoskeletal issues that may arise and I have derived benefit from this.

Lynne is unswervingly positive, she motivates and inspires…talks the talk as well as walks the walk.  She has such a vast repertoire of workouts at her disposal that sessions are always fun, individual and varied.  Her understanding of the physiology behind different ways of exercising is extremely thorough, and that is what makes her workouts so effective.  Also, having turned up for training on numerous occasions in a chronically sleep deprived state, Lynne has been able to adapt my session, changing her plan in the moment, although this happens so seamlessly and with such sensitivity it is never obvious thaSPECIALIST TRAINING FOR BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY Glossop Personal Trainingt she has done this.

I have achieved so much since working with Lynne. I have turned up at sessions a broken shell of a woman and left an hour later energised and rejuvenated.  I have dropped nine kilos and three dress sizes, I feel strong and fit.  I have even got up at 5.30 in the morning to fit in a run, and enjoyed it! and through it all, Lynne has smiled and infused me with her indefatigable positivity.

I would like to give her a massive thank you.”

Jo Jackson, Glossop

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