Dirty Reiver – new challenges

At what point do you stop being a “Bloke on a bike” and start being a cyclist? It’s a conundrum I’ve been thinking about for a while…. When I say I’m not really a cyclist a number of people jump up and down and shout that I’ve owned a bike as an adult since at least 2004, which surely makes me a cyclist… I suppose it does. But really, cycling has only ever been a mode of transport for me, a way to commute, as opposed to a go to hobby. Over the years I have done a fair amount … Continue reading

From Flagging to Finishing

As you may know, we are both fell runners and members of Glossopdale Harriers. Each September our club organises a race from Glossop up onto the wilds of the Bleaklow plateau, across featureless peat bog moor and back down to civilisation. This year Shelf Moor Fell Race took place on 7 September, starting at 11am. In the run up to any event there is a whole list of jobs to be done, and in a fell race many of those fall to the responsibility of the Race Organiser. However, being a club organised event, on race day, and indeed the day … Continue reading

Dig Deep Ultra Weekend

This week has been fairly busy for different events that we have been helping out at. First Offerton 10k and then this. The Dig Deep Ultra Weekend, with a 60, 30, 12.12 and 6 mile races organised by EightPointTwo. The days were gloriously sunny (though the runners may prefer to say it was stiflingly hot), and we were set up, alongside Outside, in the event centre, a barn on the site of Whirlow Hall Farm, which was the venue for the event. Saturday was the day for the long events – the 60 and 30 milers. Conditions were tough out … Continue reading

Hope Wakes Fell Race

For the third year in a row we were invited, and went over to Hope for the Hope Wakes fell race to help out with post race massage for the runners. We have had a cracking time there every year, and this was no exception. I decided that running it was not going to be an option this year, courtesy of a slightly twisted ankle at the weekend, so settled down to watch. There was again a record turnout of well over 250 runners, so registration and the start line were crowded. Stuart Bond won the race again, and broke … Continue reading

High Peak Marathon induced knee pain

Since finishing the High Peak Marathon a couple of weeks ago, I (Tim) have been having issues with my knees. Actually, let me clarify that, I have been having an issue with my left knee. The right one is fine and dandy, I could hop about on that all day not really be all that bothered. It’s the left one that is causing the issues. I could be a classic runner/lifter/cyclist and just ignore the pain, think, oh, it’ll get better over time, I’ll just ignore it and train through it. But I’m not that kind of person, and I’ve … Continue reading

Last race report of the year

Sorry, there are no pictures on this one, but Lynne was running… not taking pictures, might have to get used to that in the next year… unless I manage to work out how to run and shoot at the same time… Instead, you can have a link to my Garmin track The Map Its been a while since I did a race report, mainly because I haven’t been racing since September/October. (For various reasons including, but not limited to, minor injuries to toes, heels, and other less important running parts, not being in the right place at the right time, … Continue reading