Testimonial – Matt Dooley

Personal Training Testimonial – Matt Dooley

Ultra runner Matt Dooley tells us about his personal training journey.

I realised that although I had a certain level of fitness and a had always been “Hill Fit” I was always chasing the time barriers in Ultras and I needed to improve my chances of completion. Not only this I was very conscious of the excess weight I was carrying, which I hated.

Glossop Personal Training testimonialGlobal Therapies were recommended to me and the results I saw others had achieved in a short space of time under Lynne were why I chose them.  I was concerned that the personal training would be wasted due to my sporadic work patterns and the difficulty I have in fitting in all the sessions around work and other commitments; it’s an additional cost commitment too which is a lot if I wasn’t going to fully benefit and commit to the training. Lynne was able to help by creating a programme that was flexible and achievable each week, the PT session was a set anchor which would give me some focus – and well worth the cost!

I like the variety of the sessions and that each one has a specific focus. I also quite enjoy not knowing how a session will go until I am in it. Lynne doesn’t use expensive machinery and it’s really effective exercises I can do at home or anywhere for that matter – even a hotel room when I’m away with work!

Achievements since starting training: About 6 kilos weight loss!  I’ve got a much better body shape, balance and my core is much stronger. I also have a greater appreciation of the different varied types of training I need to do to achieve the results I want. My training is much more consistent and most importantly, my Ultra race timings are more consistent and I am getting to check points ahead of time rather than chasing the time cut offs which was always quite stressful – I can focus on the end goal of finishing the race now.

I feel more aware of the results that consistent and varied training can deliver.  Naturally I still get nervous heading into a race but I am much more confident due to the that the experience I have gained from the number of races I have completed now and the fitness from more focused training, which pulls me though the lows points – and the pain! Personal training has worked for me, I needed that focus and motivation.  It has also given me all the results years of gym membership hasn’t given me in less than 8 months.  It’s really nice to get compliments from people about my general look and fitness too!

Would you recommend training with Global Therapies?  Yes. My results they speak for themselves.

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