Injury Prevention

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Preventing injuries is part of what we do at Global Therapies. One aspect of this is periodic (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) maintenance massage, which many of our regular clients benefit from. Another very important aspect is for you to be fully aware of the reasons behind injury and to know ways in which you can help to prevent injury.  To help you achieve this goal we like to educate our clients, either in person during treatments, or through the articles we write on our blog.

While you can search through all of our articles we thought we would help you find some of the most frequently read posts relating to Injury Prevention:

Advice on treating acute injuries – the R.I.C.E protocol
By request – Recovery Techniques – addendum
By request – Recovery Techniques
Breathing Pattern Disorders
calf stretches
Climbing and Massage
Desk Jockeys
Diaphragmatic pain while running
DOMS – an explanation this time
F.I.T.T. Principle
Foam Roller Workshop
Frozen Shoulder
Healing muscle strains – Treatment
Herniated disc
Injuries Part 1
Injuries Part 2: Extrinsic Factors
Injuries Part 3: Intrinsic Factors
ITBs (Illotibial Band Syndrome)
Just a couple of thoughts on movement
Marathon training
Pain under the foot? Plantar Fasciitis.
Pain on the heel. Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis?
Reciprocal Inhibition – or – why your muscles don’t work
Rehab exercises for ankle sprains
Rest Days
Shin Splints
Shoulder Injuries – Part 1
Shoulder Injuries – Part 2
Shoulder Injuries – Part 3
Sprained Ankles – is there anyway to avoid them?!
Stretching – an introduction
Stretching Part 2
Stretching Part 3
Stretching Part 4
Stretching 5 – A summary
Thoughts on movement for postural information. Squatting.
Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain
Update on ITBS
What can we do for injury? Part 1: ACUTE
What can we do for injury? Part 2: SUBACUTE
What can we do for injury? Part 3: CHRONIC
When should I change my running shoes?

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