Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy is a magical experience and there is no better time to take extra care of yourself. Lynne has over nine years hands-on experience and knows how to ensure you leave the treatment room feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Massage & More treatments are designed to provide you with relief from muscle tension, especially in your back, shoulders and neck where you are likely to need most attention. Lynne’s treatments incorporate soft tissue release and realignment to counterbalance the physiological changes occurring in your body during pregnancy (weight increase, hormonal changes, postural and breathing adjustments).

In addition to your Massage, your treatment comes with MORE: Lynne is a specialist in pregnancy fitness and over several years providing massage we have learnt that you deserve MORE. We now provide you with the full massage you expect and deserve PLUS advice on posture, ways you can keep moving during pregnancy and areas you might benefit from strengthening to prepare for birth and new motherhood. Your Massage & More will last for 75 minutes – so that the advice doesn’t eat into your massage time.

If you’re coming to us after you’ve given birth, postnatal massage boosts your recovery and will sooth your aches and pains. Lynne will address any postural changes, such as those brought on when you are breastfeeding and provide specific exercises and/or stretches which will truly help you cope with the demands of your little one.

Come and experience some quality me time, where you are allowed the space to breathe in peace. You will be able to switch off from the daily hustle while Lynne releases muscle tension and shows you how to carry forward the feeling of ease into your daily life.

Benefits of massage:

  • Aids relaxation and provides you with essential “me time”
  • Promotes rest, recuperation and healthy sleep
  • Reduces joint pain caused by muscle tension or swelling and fluid retention
  • Eases backache, shoulder tension and neck pain caused by postural changes
  • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints
  • Relieves discomfort caused by specific conditions such as Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome
  • Postnatal massage helps the healing process by improving blood flow to the healing areas

Treatments and techniques are individually tailored to your specific needs and Lynne always ensures you are positioned safely, relaxed and comfortable in our warm treatment room.

 Follow this link for a list of resources you may find helpful.

Massage treatments are available for clients pregnant with a single baby, in their second and third trimester and always include a thorough consultation. This ensures you receive a safe treatment to suit your individual needs. If you have any specific question please call Lynne on 07985 251185 to have a chat.

Price: £85.00 for 75 minutes

To book call us on 07985 251185 or email


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