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Physiotherapy is the restoration of movement and function from injury, illness or disability. This can be achieved through manual therapy, structured exercise and movement or education and advice.

"I cannot praise the team highly enough. If you are looking for a clinic where you will be treated as an individual, by people who understand your need to be active and get back to what you love doing, then look no further." Hannah Battersby


Hot Stone Therapy - Dry Needling - Pregnancy Massage Lymphatic Drainage - Kinesiology Tape

"Lynne gave me a fantastic sports massage before I ran the Berlin marathon - really sorted out my tight quad. And unlike many other sports massages it was completely painless! Amazing, highly recommend." Sarah Darley


Improve your health, achieve your goals and feel great with our personal training sessions for everyone. Perimenopause, Pregnancy & Postnatal Specialist Trainer

"I can see and feel so many differences in just 2 months! I don’t just look slimmer and more toned. Many daily activities now feel so much easier, from simple things like walking up the stairs to carrying 20kg horse feed bags and heavy water barrels. No more huffing, puffing and groaning!" Ingrid Lewis
Global Therapies was established in 2011 when we relocated to Glossop in the Peak District. From the start, we devoted our time and knowledge to helping people prevent and recover from injury through soft tissue therapy, education and exercise. We are both active runners, cyclists and climbers and we know how frustrating it can be when things aren’t quite working right, having been through knee pain, hip pain, muscle aches, foot problems etc. We don't just talk about it, we live it. Let us help you get the best from your body and achieve your goals. Whether you need injury treatment, pain relief, advice about persistent back pain, exercise for improved health, strength and conditioning or you are training for an event, we can help.