Pain relief – information from a podcast

Painkillers and Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatories (NSAIDS) are a part of all of our lives whether we train, or whether we are in pain. There are a lot of stories bandied around about the various types of painkiller – and this blog is not meant to be the be all and end all to the discussion. It came about as I happened to hear a podcast the other day with an injection trained physio- Dave Barker and thought that the information there would be really good to have the information in a written format somewhere. Below is a summary of … Continue reading

Is it possible to avoid running injuries?

Global Therapies: Tim during the Coniston fell race

I was having a chat with another runner recently about running, injuries and the prevalence of injuries to runners of all types. The conversation mostly focused around chronic injuries rather than acute- “ow, I’ve run into a tree” type injuries. I did a bit of digging and a bit of thinking and ended up with something that turned into this blog. Interesting stat: The biggest predictor of being injured as a runner is not to do with mileage, climb, time on feet, running surface, shoe type or anything like that; it is the answer to the question “have you been … Continue reading

Breathing Troubles – Asthma flare up

Way back in around 1996 I was diagnosed with asthma. It wasn’t terribly bad, I used daily steroids for a while and the blue salbutamol inhaler occasionally. My reference point for how bad asthma could be was very high – a girl I was at junior school with would be regularly hospitalised because of her asthma. The effect on me was minor issue in comparison, it barely bothered me. Over the last seven years I’ve been a regular runner, taken part in various races from 1.2 mile fell races through to marathons and 55km ultras. I can run pretty well, … Continue reading

Vasovagal syncope… fainting on a phd.

I have been taking part in a phd project that involves walking on a treadmill at 10% gradient for 90 minutes at an altitude of 4000m. I can’t really say all that much more about exactly what was going on with the tests etc, suffice to say that I had done a few tests, and had done a few stints both of walking at that altitude, a VO2 max test at altitude and a 3km time trial under the same conditions and everything was hunky dory. Then I went in for my first 90 minute session. I was fasted, like … Continue reading

No Cricket?

With the cricket season fast approaching, I’ve had a couple of cricketers come through the doors asking for advice on things from strained backs to rotator cuff (shoulder) issues. One came in as a “no-longer” cricketer having been told by his doctor that he should no longer play the sport because of elbow pain and the fact his arm was not getting full range of motion from his elbow. This guy came to see me for physiotherapy because of a completely unrelated incident- more of a back pain from small children getting bigger, and still wanting to be thrown in … Continue reading

Will you be my Valentine?

Valentines Day  – the time when gifts are given to demonstrate love. But what are those gifts usually – chocolate, alcohol, luxuriously rich meals out, flowers?  How good are they for heart health? We would like to challenge the belief that to show your love you need to ‘indulge’ in gifts that are detrimental to heart health. This year why not set out to improve your loved one’s Heart Health? Massage – treat your partner to a hot stone massage, sports massage or even a physiotherapy appointment to get that niggle they’ve been mentioning for months finally looked at. Our … Continue reading