Thorsday 1

Ok – so you might not end up looking like Thor. But you’ll be stronger and more capable. And that’s even better.

As ever, I’ve been wondering about how to get information out to people who need it, rather than wait for them to have an issue and see if they come for physio. This is in direct continuation of a previous post about “Inevitable decline?“- or trying not to become weaker as you get older.  Intervention is much better than reaction, and so I came up with the idea of Thorsday. A weekly focus on Strength work- handily on Thorsday (or, Thursday, if you prefer).

The idea is that over the next few weeks and months I’ll post up a video on Thorsday with some suggestions for people who don’t necessarily have access to weights and gyms etc. as to how they can use things around their house and garden to attenuate declining strength. It will be going out on the blog, facebook, instagram and twitter. If you know of a relative that doesn’t have any social media type stuff, but you think it might be good for them to look at, point them in this direction- otherwise share away. If you have a friend of relative that might benefit from this but they have no truck with any of that, then they can sign up for a monthly email, where I’ll link to all the Thorsdays for that month.

The first video is about Sit to stands – or squats. The key is in the intensity and the control. Practice this for the next few days. If you find that you can sit to stand from a chair 10 times easily and in control with your Calvin and Hobbes books, then it is probably too easy and you may want to more, or heavier books/stones/cats etc.

Mum. Dad. Heads up. This is aimed in your direction as well!

Unfortunately I cannot upload the video directly to this blog- so you’ll have to follow this link:



As ever, if you have any questions or comments about this, drop me a line- email/text/whatsapp, comment, whatever. Constructive feedback always welcomed.



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