Myth 2 – you shouldn’t squat

The number of times I have heard people say that they have been told they “shouldn’t squat”- or do anything with any kind of weight – is fairly high. I don’t know who gives this advice out, but I’d like to meet them and have a bit of a friendly word. My main problem with this is that the squat is a normal, regular human movement. In fact, every time you sit down, you do the down portion of a squat, and every time you stand up, you do the up portion of the squat. Why do I get a bee … Continue reading

Ski season is coming!

Winter is coming. Ski season is imminent. If you don’t believe me, check out all the webcams from high up in the French and Italian Alps. Although there has been another long hot summer and a lot of the base snow melted, the white stuff is already falling, and there are hopes (as ever) of a decent amount of snowfall this side of Christmas, with the potential for another bumper year of skiing, boarding, and general slopeside fun. All this is great news, it means that a lot of people are getting excited about new skis, new boots, new clothes, … Continue reading

Muscle VS Fat

Why do we get hung up on the number on the scales? Is it actually important? It is so easy to fixate on weight (and how much we’d like to lose) when the real issue is how much body fat we are carrying around. Are you confusing weight loss with fat loss? Which do you want to achieve? We’ve grown up using the bathroom scales as a measure of healthiness. It is hard to shift the habit of using such an easy and quantifiable number as a level of fitness, well being and, to a point, personal happiness. But this … Continue reading