Knee Pain and doing your exercises

A couple of athletes have come to me recently with knee pain. One, a very good runner, the other, an alpinist with a history including an ACL rebuild. The thing they had in common was that in the last year they had done some excellent gym work, building up their leg strength and proprioception. However, for whatever reason, in the last 6 to 8 months this level of rehabilitation, or in fact any level of work in the gym, had completely tailed off. Despite this, their levels of activity in sport had stayed the same or became greater. Everything has … Continue reading

3×10 is not necessarily wrong…

The amount of blog inches that have been written about this in recent times is fairly astounding. There are any amount of opinions about sets and reps and why certain things are prescribed. The sound of a physio giving someone a couple of exercises and saying, “off you go, and make sure you do 3 lots of 10 repetitions each day” has pretty much passed into medicalised jargon. It is such a common prescription that even patients are now saying- oh, should I do 3 lots of 10 of these then? There has been some push back on this, mainly … Continue reading