Running injuries are Load management issues

I see quite a few running injuries in clinic. They basically boil down to overload – either in the short term or long term. Short term overload/ trauma: Fall over and hit a rock, twist an ankle, tweak a knee – that tends to be a short term overload. You know you’ve done something specific to a particular thing because you remember the thing that happened. Trauma is a bit of a dramatic word to associate with it, but it is the one that we tend to use. Long term overload/ training error The other end of the scale is … Continue reading

Therapy Live initial thoughts

Yesterday (Friday) I was one of 20,000 delegates at the online Therapy Live CPD event for Physiotherapists hosted by Physio Matters. It was an excellent day with a large amount of information being disseminated to like minded folks. This is pretty much off the top of my head- it doesn’t detail every lecture I attended. I have also bought access to the rest of the lectures, which I look forward to listening to in my own time over the next couple of weeks. In all, it was an excellent event; Jack Chew, The Physio Matters team, and all the people … Continue reading

Ok. So I’m really quite naive.

Call me naive, but I entered Physiotherapy to help people get better. The main premise of every treatment is to get the person in front of me on a road to a better place physically and psychologically. I want to know how this patient can help progress themselves, give them ownership of their issues and give them the locus of control. They should not become reliant on me, and if possible, they shouldn’t really need to come back to see me. If they do, it is because they need their exercises progressing, (or indeed regressing), or because something else has … Continue reading

Inevitable decline?

I hit a “significant age” in 2019. This, along with the people I see in clinic on a weekly basis has made me think a bit…. If I gave you a list of things that in 20/30/40 years you might not be able to do – would you be scared? Well, here is a list of things that I’ve seen people not be able to do…. Sitting on the floor and then standing up. Standing up off a chair. Standing up off the toilet. Walking up the stairs. Walking down the stairs. Walking to the end of the road. Walking … Continue reading

Covid update- 5/6/2020

We’ve been getting a few more questions recently as to when we are going back to face to face consultations. Just to make things clear- We are *still* seeing patients- and have done since the beginning of lock down, but on an online basis- Skype and Zoom, so physio and training are still going on. Face to face is a different matter. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) had a series of online seminars over the past week involving private practice physios on the subject about returning to getting people back in the treatment rooms. I was not one of … Continue reading

Tissue adaptation- overload and recovery

As biological organisms we adapt. That is pretty much what enables us to survive. As individuals, we don’t necessarily evolve as such, but individual adaptations certainly show a wide range of ability to specialise in specific things. It could almost be said that as an organism, failure to adapt is an indication of something going wrong with the system- or that the system has been overloaded somehow. Rate of adaptation to an external stimulus is moderated by a number of things. How fast we learn, how mobile the tissues are, how much recovery they need etc. If the stimulus exceeds … Continue reading