What’s all this about Thorsday?

It’s been about 10 weeks now where we have been putting videos up on Thursdays with the title of “Thorsday”. These videos are pretty short – generally less than 2 mins- and feature Tim demonstrating a movement or an exercise that people can do at home, around the house or garden.

They don’t look particularly challenging, the production standard is not high, what exactly is he doing?

My initial thought for “Thorsday” was essentially that although we all KNOW we should be doing some kind of strength training each week, it can get lost in the barrage of “other stuff” that tends to take over our lives. We know from a number of studies that the older we get, the more important it is to keep moving and stay strong. I’ve written a couple of blogs about it in the past, there is a short explanation of the concept on another recent blog…. and also, I badger my parents about strength and movement incessantly. Despite this, I’m pretty sure that they are like most people… they do the exercises when they are in pain, but don’t really do them the rest of the time.

Hence a weekly video post with a new idea, a new exercise each week to keep the idea of movement and strength at the forefront of the mind, if only for a day. No, these exercises are not crazy hard, but they are meant to be doable at home, with things you can find around the house. They are for people who don’t need to be able to run up hills or lift crazy amounts of weight every day- they are exercises for people to continue living a normal, painfree healthy life.

I hope these ideas are of some use to those out there who are at home with no specific gym kit to use. I hope they are of some help to those who need a nudge in the “strength” direction. I hope that they are useful in creating a better quality of life.

If you know of someone that would benefit from a weekly shot of “thorsday”, please do point them in the direction of our instagram page, facebook page or our new Youtube channel! I’m hoping to keep them in a specific “Thorsday” channel, and will start other channels if there is any demand/if I have any exciting ideas.

Stay Strong. Keep moving.

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