Top 5 tips to Better Running

1. Set Goals Simply saying you want to ‘get fitter’ is really good. But what is way more powerful is saying ‘I’d like to get fitter so I can go out sledging for the afternoon with my kids, or, I’d like to be able to run my local parkrun or a fell race.  Then add an end date (enter the race you’d like to do) and you are working your way towards a SMART goal (I’ll explain about those in another post). Think of a goal that’s in the near future (3-4 weeks away) so you’ll get that sense of accomplishment soon. … Continue reading

Obesity: here’s few thoughts

The BBC’s recent article, “Weight loss surgery reduces diabetes risk” got me thinking. Why are there even discussions about surgery for weight loss to reduce anybody’s risk of Type 2 Diabetes? Why? Why not prescribe exercise and a healthy diet? I realise that may not be possible for some people, but surgery as an option? Surely for the masses surgery should be the last resort and the least likely option. “The UK NHS is considering offering the procedure [weight loss surgery] to tens of thousands of people to prevent diabetes.” Are we really living in an age when education about healthy food choices and … Continue reading

Gym Jones Seminar – Level 2 – Day 2

Read about Gym Jones Seminar – Level 2 – Day 1 here. The next morning, we jumped straight into the classroom, no sudden early morning wake up call from Rob, and worked our way through some more advanced programming theory, while a Crossfit class went on in the Gym outside. There was an extended Q&A session, which included quite a debate as to why there are no Female “standards” at Gym Jones, despite the fact there are Male ones. I think the issue is still in debate, and there is no definitive answer as yet. Later on in the morning, we … Continue reading

Gym Jones Seminar – Level 2 – Day 1

I did the Gym Jones Foundation course way back in 2010. Even then I was no longer a slave to the desk, instead, I was most of the way through my career in an outdoors shop, and already a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. I was certainly no-where near athletic, and had been intrigued by Gym Jones for a good few years. My main reason for going on the seminar was to meet with something of a hero of mine – Mark Twight. Legendary Alpinist and outspoken head of Gym Jones, but also, a man who has remarkable insight into the … Continue reading

Reaquaint yourself with the floor

Having spent six weeks on placement in the NHS, it seems that a lot of problems that professionals face, both on the ward, and in the community is that of falls. Falls to the ground, and then the difficulty in getting back up off it again. I find this astonishing, but it really is the case. The evidence is out there. It was estimated that in 2002,  just under half of all hospital admissions in the UK were directly attributable to a fall ( I’m sure there are some more up to date data around, but couldn’t find any after a cursory … Continue reading