Gym Jones Seminar – Level 2 – Day 2

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The next morning, we jumped straight into the classroom, no sudden early morning wake up call from Rob, and worked our way through some more advanced programming theory, while a Crossfit class went on in the Gym outside. There was an extended Q&A session, which included quite a debate as to why there are no Female “standards” at Gym Jones, despite the fact there are Male ones. I think the issue is still in debate, and there is no definitive answer as yet.

Later on in the morning, we broke back out into the gym space, and worked on jumps involving the stretch-shorten cycle, and also jumps using simplglobal therapies at gym jones seminare muscular explosivity, which I found a lot, lot harder. This was followed by an interesting Bulgarian squat diagnostic tool for hip balance – it is apparently used by the UKA team. This was a test that I thoroughly enjoyed, mainly because it wasn’t based on brute strength – as a lot of the tests were in the Foundation course. My sports specific background helped me tot up a decent total of squats – though I have to say it left my legs pretty busted out and I spent a good few minutes trying to walk off the effects of cumulative lactic acid!

After lunch we hit the books again, talking more about diagnostics, about discipline and about specifics within the programming tools, and it wasn’t until late afternoon that we got around to the bastardised IWT which had been dreamt up for us.

Push presses, Row at 2k pace, goblet squats and box jumps, followed by a team 3k row served to basically annihilate the entire lot of us.

What a superb weekend of learning, enhanced by hard physical work, and excellent company.

They say you become who you hang around, and I’m very glad to have hung around with these guys.

global therapies at gym jones seminar

Rob MacDonald, Tim and Mark Twight

“At Gym Jones we train athletes. We train professionals. We train individuals. The common thread binding our clients is Will: to suffer, to throw former selves on the fire, to overcome and to change. For some of these individuals fitness can mean the difference between life and death.”



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