Did Not Start or Did Not Finish? This is a question that I think about a fair amount in terms of runners and cyclists that have been injured. When you have a race coming up, get injured training for it, or just generally in the run up to the big event, what do you do? Try and fudge through – start and see what happens, gambling on finishing and potentially making things a lot worse, with more time off and rehab afterward, of taking a DNS on the chin and getting on with rehab and training? I’ve been there myself, … Continue reading

How Exercise Shapes You (and others), Far Beyond The Gym

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen something incredible happen to our Personal Training clients. Not only has the exercise that they’ve done over the weeks, months and years given them a new outlook on life, improved their fitness and well-being in general, but – and here’s the magic – all those positive benefits have rubbed off on their near and dear ones. I was prompted to write about this a while ago, but it was a client who started training with us recently that spurred me to put my thoughts down and share this discovery. In the first month of training, … Continue reading

What is a Turkish Get Up?

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is an exercise which involves your whole body in a series of fluid movements, taking you from laying down to standing, and back down. It is an incredibly versatile exercise and worthy of a place in any training programme – either for warming up or as an exercise in it’s own right. The TGU is easily adaptable to suit different levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. Over time it can improve each of these aspects and in performing TGUs you will also be promoting both upper and lower body stability. Because your arm is held … Continue reading

Strength basics for Runners

When someone starts running, they just go out and do it, encouraged by the hype that is it a “natural” human movement. Everyone should be able to do it. They go out, hammer it for a few days, a couple of weeks or months, and eventually, a lot of them get injured and frustrated. Running, the natural panacea to all problems has caused them problems. What gives? Yes, although running may well be a normal human movement, a lot of us have spend a lot of time doing some very un-natural human things. Sitting down for 5-8 hours a day, … Continue reading

Ski Season Prep

September is upon us. The Summer holidays have just finished, and the tan hasn’t yet faded away, but my mind is already turning towards skiing and snowboarding. Some will say “don’t remind me about the turning of the seasons – it goes too quickly anyway” Others will say “good point. I need to think about the snowy holiday this year. Thanks”. To those people, yes, sort your holiday, but also, start thinking about ski fitness. However  – food for thought: Do you know when most accidents occur on ski holidays? During the first day on the slopes. Whether you’re a … Continue reading

Motivation to do exercise.

It doesn’t come from your physio. A lot of people struggle with motivation to do something new, something that might help with their health. Normally the motivation occurs when the consequence of not doing exercise is worse than simply doing exercise. For example, when Type II diabetes has been diagnosed, when bones have become osteoporotic, or when “all of a sudden” you’re unable to get up off the floor. It is human nature to wait until something goes wrong, or to wait until something needs to be done before it actually gets acted upon. Think back to school homework. Think … Continue reading