How Exercise Shapes You (and others), Far Beyond The Gym

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen something incredible happen to our Personal Training clients.

Not only has the exercise that they’ve done over the weeks, months and years given them a new outlook on life, improved their fitness and well-being in general, but – and here’s the magic – all those positive benefits have rubbed off on their near and dear ones.

I was prompted to write about this a while ago, but it was a client who started training with us recently that spurred me to put my thoughts down and share this discovery.

In the first month of training, this particular new client has already noticed positive changes. Firstly, their partner has taken it upon themselves to join in with some of the sessions written on their training plan. When unable to exercise together, they’ve been motivated to get out and do their own form of exercise – just so they don’t miss out; a friendly competitiveness that’s great to see. The couple are eating better and there’s been support for each other when it comes to fitting in their exercise into an already hectic lifestyle.

It is wonderful to hear that they are inspiring and encouraging each other with exercise and nutrition. They are changing plans to fit in more exercise – a walk to a picnic location instead of driving to somewhere. Evening strolls that previously didn’t happen now do, a stark contrast to just flopping straight onto the sofa with unhealthy snacks to comfort eat after a busy day.

So, it seems that exercise is indeed infectious. Also, our near and dear ones will be there to encourage and support us.

We also regularly see that people grow in other aspects of their lives, in addition to gaining physical benefits and increasing strength and fitness.  These benefits have been wonderfully summarised by Yann Le Meur, Scientific advisor of AS Monaco:

To give yourself the gift of better health, fitness, strength and mental resilience – with the bonus of all that rubbing off on your close friends and family – get in touch and we’ll get you started on your Personal Training journey.

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