Rectus Diastasis – postnatal abdominal separation

What is Rectus Diastasis and why does it happen? This is the separation of the rectus abdominis muscle at the linea alba – the central line of connective fascia which runs straight down your belly. Other muscles, connective tissue and fascia in the abdominal wall are also affected, but rectus abdominis  (the one that can look like a six-pack) are the ones people commonly refer to. In pregnancy it happens because of the growth of your baby in the uterus forces the abdominal region to stretch and bulge forwards. It isn’t until after birth that you can start the healing process, but … Continue reading

Qualified Personal Trainer

Three years ago, when we first moved to Glossop, we wrote a business plan for Global Therapies. One thing that we were clear on was that we would be constantly learning. Body work, manual therapies, making people move and feel better are all areas which constantly need updating and whilst we don’t want to be CPD course collectors, there is a requirement to ourselves as professionals to keep our knowledge relevant and up to date. Along the way our plans changed just a little bit – we didn’t originally think Tim would be qualifying as a Physiotherapist (or will be in about a years time). But … Continue reading