Ski season is coming!

Winter is coming. Ski season is imminent. If you don’t believe me, check out all the webcams from high up in the French and Italian Alps. Although there has been another long hot summer and a lot of the base snow melted, the white stuff is already falling, and there are hopes (as ever) of a decent amount of snowfall this side of Christmas, with the potential for another bumper year of skiing, boarding, and general slopeside fun. All this is great news, it means that a lot of people are getting excited about new skis, new boots, new clothes, … Continue reading

No Cricket?

With the cricket season fast approaching, I’ve had a couple of cricketers come through the doors asking for advice on things from strained backs to rotator cuff (shoulder) issues. One came in as a “no-longer” cricketer having been told by his doctor that he should no longer play the sport because of elbow pain and the fact his arm was not getting full range of motion from his elbow. This guy came to see me for physiotherapy because of a completely unrelated incident- more of a back pain from small children getting bigger, and still wanting to be thrown in … Continue reading

Ski Season Prep

September is upon us. The Summer holidays have just finished, and the tan hasn’t yet faded away, but my mind is already turning towards skiing and snowboarding. Some will say “don’t remind me about the turning of the seasons – it goes too quickly anyway” Others will say “good point. I need to think about the snowy holiday this year. Thanks”. To those people, yes, sort your holiday, but also, start thinking about ski fitness. However  – food for thought: Do you know when most accidents occur on ski holidays? During the first day on the slopes. Whether you’re a … Continue reading