Anatomy of a Press Up

The press up. An exercise some will brag about. Yet one which seems out of reach for many – and feared. I often have personal training client get a look of panic when I mention this exercise, yet there are so many ways to adapt it to suit an individual’s physical abilities and work on improving strength. Nobody should fear the press up! Why is it so hard to do a full press up? I googled that exact phrase and was presented with why is it hard for women to do one!! Typical. This blog isn’t aimed at women – … Continue reading

The Importance of having a goal after your next goal

Setting goals is no new thing, I know it, you know it – having a goal makes it way more likely you will achieve/make progress/challenge yourself and if all goes to plan – surpass expectations. What has became apparent to me over the past year is that we need to set a goal to follow on after the goal we are currently focusing on. In 2016 I had one main focus at the start of the year – the Bryce Canyon 50km Ultra race in Utah, USA. Race day was in mid June. The first 6 months of the year … Continue reading

How Exercise Shapes You (and others), Far Beyond The Gym

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen something incredible happen to our Personal Training clients. Not only has the exercise that they’ve done over the weeks, months and years given them a new outlook on life, improved their fitness and well-being in general, but – and here’s the magic – all those positive benefits have rubbed off on their near and dear ones. I was prompted to write about this a while ago, but it was a client who started training with us recently that spurred me to put my thoughts down and share this discovery. In the first month of training, … Continue reading

Ski Season Prep

September is upon us. The Summer holidays have just finished, and the tan hasn’t yet faded away, but my mind is already turning towards skiing and snowboarding. Some will say “don’t remind me about the turning of the seasons – it goes too quickly anyway” Others will say “good point. I need to think about the snowy holiday this year. Thanks”. To those people, yes, sort your holiday, but also, start thinking about ski fitness. However  – food for thought: Do you know when most accidents occur on ski holidays? During the first day on the slopes. Whether you’re a … Continue reading

Human movements: How not to lose them as you get older

The words “deadlift” and “squat” provoke particular images and predictable responses from a number of people. People who don’t “do” the gym tend to see them as a bit of a scary thing which can lead to some pretty scary injuries, and are therefore classed in the “do not do this activity” section of their heads. The fact that these movements are based around everyday movements – or what should be everyday movements seems to pass a lot of people by. Pick up something heavy. That’s a Deadlift. Sit down and stand up again. That’s effectively a dead-stop squat. Normal, … Continue reading

F.I.T.T. Principle

Ever heard of the F.I.T.T. Principle? If not, read on – it’s important to anyone wanting to progress in their chosen sport. So you have a training programme but are you following the F.I.T.T. Principle? Well you should be. It’s a set of guidelines that will help you get the best out of your training and it stands for: Frequency: how often you train Intensity: the level of effort you put into each session Type: the activity you are doing Time: the duration of a session Lets expand on those a bit, so you know what you’re doing and why … Continue reading