Hope Wakes Fell Race and Massage

We got over to the Hope side of the valley nice and early – for a quick bouldering session over in Burbage South – but the write up of that is on my other blog. Got back to Hope in good time for some decent eats at the Woodbine Café – who do the most amazing chocolate covered flapjack in the world. We were massaging for this event so we had to arrive at the race start a bit before everyone else. It was a beautiful evening, and the marquee was already set up, Hope Valley Icecreams were just arriving … Continue reading

Kinder Trog

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now. I’ve mainly entered shorter distance races – only because they have been the closest to me, and the easiest ones to enter. Trog has been sitting on the horizon for a while as a 16 mile bog trot which I knew I could do, but I just didn’t know how easy, or indeed, how hard it was going to be. We got over to Hayfield in plenty of time, and the carpark was already pretty chocka so we parked on the road and went in the scout hut to … Continue reading

Midweek race- MDOC in Rowarth

This is an interesting one to try to talk about as its not of the same ilk as a “normal” fell race such as I have been blogging about on this blog. It was an orienteering event, 90 mins, and somewhat akin to the adventure racing that I have done in the past, (except it obviously doesn’t go on for 8 hours). A whole load of Glossopdale were out as the race was a counter for the mid-week championships. You could tell the demarcation between the fellrunners and the orienteers who do this on a regular basis. The fellrunners were … Continue reading

Hope Wakes Fell Race

29 June 2011: Hope Wakes Fell Race – 7.30pm We are onsite for pre and post event massage at this popular fell race in the glorious Hope Valley. More information on the Hope Wakes Fell Race website at here. Here’s the route if you’re interested:

May Queen fell race- Hayfield

Back over to Hayfield for the last of the May Queen trilogy – (some what spread out this year rather than being all over the same weekend), and back to the Scout hut for the actual May Queen run. I signed in and met up with a fair old gaggle of Glossopdale runners, good to see some friendly faces amongst the crowd. It was pretty damn parky out there, it has to be said, and I really wasn’t looking forward to standing around in a vest and shorts waiting for the start to happen. A lot of people were running … Continue reading

Lantern Pike

That was a short, sharp lovely little race. As we drove over to Hayfield from Glossop, Lynne remarked “you’re going up that”, as we looked at a hill ahead of us. Oh. It is not a long hill, but it is a bit of a shock to the system. We got there in good time and parked in the field- the weather was nice going on ugly- Sunny spells interspersed with sudden downpours. We wandered around, and recced the first 200 yards or so, just down to the stream – noting the small chicane around a fence- definitely a good … Continue reading