Qualified Physiotherapist

Well. That is it. Final exams have come been and gone. The last two were only a week or so after my final placement, so my time in the outpatient department in a local hospital was spent not just seeing patients and ensuring all my paperwork was in order, but also researching and writing presentations about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis.

The final exams were viva based – so a presentation followed by questioning from the examiners – exam nerves always seem to get the better of me in that kind of situation and my easy-going easy question answering nature just seems to desert me as my mind goes blank.

However, it didn’t go so blank that I totally failed to answer, and things must have gone at least relatively well as I came out of them with pretty good marks.

As we are third years, the exam board has to get our results out fairly quickly, and true to form, within a week of finishing our exams, the results were indeed published.

My final overall total was equal to a First – so I was pretty pleased with that.

All my papers are now being sent off to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to register me as a fully Chartered Physiotherapist, and I am looking forward to graduating at the beginning of July.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Lynne for being so understanding during these 3 years of study (sprung upon us as somewhat of a surprise at the very beginning), to those in the Olympic velodrome that pretty much convinced me to do it, and to those on the Glossop-Manchester train that have kept me entertained on the morning and evening commute.

It’s been quite a journey so far.

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