Certified Pregnancy Fitness Instructor

We are pleased to announce that Lynne is now a fully qualified Pregnancy Fitness specialist. Pre-Natal and Pregnancy fitness plans are now available to help prepare you for your pregnancy and birth.

Personal Training in the pre-natal period is tailored towards preparing your body for pregnancy, learning strategies to help you connect with your pelvic floor by strengthening (and relaxing) the pelvic floor muscles in functional ways. Each session builds on your overall and core strength, as well as safe weight loss if needed. All of these are key elements in establishing the perfect environment for your child.

Pregnancy fitness evolves as your baby develops. We guide you throughout your pregnancy with safe and effective exercise sessions preparing your body and mind for birth. In the final stages of pregnancy we switch focus to ensure you have the best possible chance of a physiological, non-intervention birth. Guidance is given on birth plans, tasks for your partner throughout the pregnancy and during birth, correct nutrition and stress reduction.

A few words from Rosie Arnfield…“Prior to getting pregnant, I was in the best shape I had ever been in my life thanks to Lynne – my body was in the best shape for Rosie (2)conceiving. Not only has she adapted my exercise plan as the pregnancy progresses, she has also provided me with a wealth of information on nutrition, the changes occurring in the body and how to adapt, developing a birthing plan etc. which has really helped me to stay mentally strong as well. I have felt very safe keeping up my fitness and strength in the good hands of Lynne, and I’ve really enjoyed my pregnancy this time round, with very little discomfort or complications. I’m really looking forwards to getting back into shape with Lynne’s postnatal training as well.”

Click here to read Rosie’s story in full. 

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