Having to commute to and from a city in the dark was something I thought I had left behind when we became self-employed and left London for the somewhat greener climes of Glossop. Lately, however, that has changed as I am off into Salford for a few days a week to continue my Physiotherapy degree.

We have finished all the physiology of movement now, which I found pretty straightforward, having covered virtually all of it as a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist, and now we are onto much more pathological things. Neurological and Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy. These are a long way removed from anything I have done as a Massage therapist and are very new ground. You might think that having learned about Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD), Cardio-respiritory physiotherapy might not be such new ground, however, BPD is about incorrect breathing patterns where no pathology exists… what I’m learning is all about the pathologies, and how to treat them.

Although my head is full of neuro and cardio stuff from lectures, I am still finding time on my commute in to listen to some excellent podcasts which concentrate mostly on what I am most interested in. Musculoskeletal stuff. David Pope, from Physio Edge down in Australia has published some excellent interviews with some very interesting physios from around the world, looking at their specialities. The interviews about Hamstring tendonopathy, rotator cuff problems and the pelvis were particularly interesting.

Sorry. I have no podcast images, so you'll have to make do with a podcat. (outside of pod, naturally)

Sorry. I have no podcast images, so you’ll have to make do with a podcat. (outside of pod, naturally)

What I like about them is that the information is bang up to date. Yes, you can read books, yes, you can read journals, but here you have people talking about the cutting edge of their research and what they know, what they knew, and also, what they no-longer believe in terms of techniques and things that they advocated in their publications just a few years ago. This makes me more aware of the constantly moving tide of the therapy profession. If we stand still, doing the same thing all the time, thinking that we know it all, then we will be overtaken by those who are still learning.

That’s what it is all about. Treating, helping, and always asking, “How can I be better? What can I do to be more effective for this patient?”

These podcasts are available to anyone. Just click the link, and you’re away.

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