Physiotherapy Year 2

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

Salford University Salford UniversityWe are now into the 4th teaching week of semester 1 in my second year at Salford University studying Physiotherapy. The first three weeks passed in a flurry of information and work on pathologies and treatment of the spine, and we are already onto the somewhat complex subject of neurology.

No time to sit back and take it easy, as once that is done, we are straight into a few weeks of cardio-respiratory physio taking me up to Christmas, and then exams in the New Year on all of the subjects above.

The pace has certainly become a little more frantic in this second year, and with all the modules mapped out until January, and the two proceeding clinical placements taking me up to June, it is almost like I’m nearly in the third year already. Just the minor issue of a massive amount to learn, a few exams and placements in hospitals to do.

As well as all that, I’m still finding time to see clients, get out running in the hills, and donate time to Glossop Mountain Rescue Team as well.

That’s enough time away from the books… back to it…


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