Olympic Dreams for Andy Turner and Ice Climbing

It’s amazing to think that 18 months ago Tim and I were working at the 2012 London Olympics, and now we’re in the midst of the 2014 Winter Olympics. We’re having a great time watching the winter sports over in Sochi, and even more exciting, one of our regular clients is on his way to Russia right now. Andy Turner set up the Great Britain Ice Climbing Team, and as well as climbing for the team he also coaches other climbers.

We saw Andy on Tuesday for his final session of soft tissue therapy before flying out to Sochi. Over in Russia Andy will be taking part in the Olympic Ice Climbing Festival doing what he does best, showcasing ice climbing to the world.

Andy Turner and global Therapies

Andy Turner and Global Therapies – Andy is explaining to Tim the difference between hail and graupel after a massive storm passed over Glossop on Tuesday night.



Here’s what Andy said about why he has regular treatments with Global Therapies

Andy Turner - photo courtesy of Andrew Rutherford

Andy Turner – photo courtesy of Andrew Rutherford

“Being a full-time climber means the demands on my ageing body far outweigh its recovery capabilities. Tim has the power to rebuild and keeps me cranking. Regular visits allow me to manage my training programme, and keeps my ambitions on track.”

Andy Turner, one of the UK’s leading winter climbers, guide and lecturer

and there’s more about Andy on his blog which can be found here.

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