Physiotherapy is the restoration of movement and function from injury, illness or disability. We can achieve this through a number of methods from manual therapy, structured exercise and movement to education and advice.

Great work on Tuesday night I still woke up in pain the next morning but now I am fixed. I have spent hours on a physio bench through my sport life and you are honestly one of the best I have come across. Good advice good treatment understand sport and a total professional. Gareth Bankswood TreecareAt Global Therapies we take a “whole person” view of health and well-being – ensuring your lifestyle is taken into account when treating and offering advice. Your involvement in your own care is key. A blend of scientifically led knowledge, our own clinical expertise and your investment in the journey back to health makes for a good recovery from illness and injury.

Our approach is not a passive one where you arrive, receive some kind of arcane electrotherapy and a sheet of exercises before being shoved out of the door. We believe in the power of knowledge – both of your problem, and how to make it better. It is important to understand why something hurts or has a reduced level of movement of function, what we can do to help restore that to better function, and, importantly, what we can do, (and why), to help get back to normal.

Tim Budd Physiotherapist Sports MassagePrior to becoming a physiotherapist I remember that one of the worst things about going to see a “professional” was the fear they will say “you can’t run/cycle/swim/play golf for the next 4 months”. When you live your sport, that kind of time off can quite simply seem like an impossibility, and that the therapist really doesn’t understand you and your problem.

So we try not to do that. However, we do need to be realistic about the chances of healing under the increased mechanical stress of continuing to practice sport, while understanding that inevitably, there are those that will want to carry on doing their chosen activities.

If we think that a rest from a particular sport is a necessity (which isn’t as common as you might think), we work with you to provide alternatives and physical and psychological support in your quest to attain functionality and ability again.

Conditions that we treat include:Chartered Physiotherapist Chartered Society of PhysiotherapyHCPC Registered

  • Shoulder, neck and back pain
  • Whiplash Associated Disorder
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Hip and Sacroiliac problems
  • Achillies Tendonitis (tendinopathy)
  • Hand and finger injuries (rock climbing related)
  • Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)
  • Breathing Pattern Disorders (including stitch)
  • other musculoskeletal injuries – sporting or general life related


We now accept clients insured with Western Provident Association (WPA Health Insurance).*

*To be eligible for physiotherapy treatment through your WPA insurance policy you need to provide us with the claim code issued by WPA once they have authorised treatment. All treatments under WPA are payable to Global Therapies on the day of treatment and then claimed back by the individual.

Click here for information on Acupuncture and a testimonial from Cat who has seen us for physiotherapy and acupuncture and Personal Training.

 “Some tweaks are just too hard to ignore and the last major one I picked up was just before a long awaited trip to Spain. I made a quick call to Global Therapies and they did all they could to see me that afternoon. It was really good to have some expert advice and a thorough examination of my finger. Tim’s prodding and advice was very reassuring, by 3 weeks I was back on track. The holiday went really well, onsighting my first french 8a+ at Collegats near Tremp. If I had not of seen them I may still be unsure as to what I had done.” Jordan Buys, Climber


Physiotherapy Prices: 
Initial Consultation up to 60 minutes £48.00
Follow up treatment up to 30 minutes £33.00

To book call us on 07985 251185 or email

Payments only: If you need to pay for a treatment already taken or are buying a gift voucher please contact us for our bank details so you can do a transfer. Please ensure you let us know you’ve sent us a payment and what it’s for (date/time) so we can assign the money to your account and where appropriate issue your voucher.


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