Y is for…YMCA

The YMCA have been around for a long time (it was founded in 1844). Their strapline is “Helping Young People Build a Future“. I don’t know what your experience of ‘The Y’ is, but I’ve always associated them with activities, some sort of movement in the form of sport or physical activity. My first introduction to them was well over 20 years ago at the local aerobic classes I went to. Later on, in central London, I saw a sports massage therapist who rented a room in their Tottenham Court Road centre.

The main thing that I took from the various interactions I’ve had with The Y is that they promote physical activity. At Global Therapies we know that being active and moving our bodies is vital to good health. We’ve written many articles about movement and the body, and why these two aspects are interlinked at the physiological level. Have a search through our archives if you want to learn more about this.

The message today is short and sweet, simply: MOVE.


Take inspiration from wherever you like, a friend, the sunshine, springtime, your cat or dog, The Y, local youth groups or the local park. Moving doesn’t need to cost anything. Walking is free. Just MOVE and have a healthier body and a happier mind. If you think you have few opportunities or lack time then think again. Just stand up now at your desk and stretch. Stretching is movement. See this article and the links at the bottom for some thoughts and ideas.

If you need some inspiration try your nearest ParkRun – a free weekly 5km run (many people run/walk these so don’t be put off), or join in with the Sport Relief fun from 21-23 March.

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