Women On Fire Seminar, 12/13 March 2016


One of the hashtags we use is #AlwaysLearning and that was true for the whole weekend for us both. Tim was out on the hills of the Peak District teaching navigation to four people, and Lynne spent Saturday and Sunday at the Woman On Fire weekend.

Billed as “A Weekend for Women’s Wellness Warriors” with the esteemed Jenny Burrell, Michelle Lyons, Maria Elliott and Jessica Drummond, it lived up to all the expectations and WOW factor.

Lynne first encountered the amazing Jenny Burrell quite a few years ago on her Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage and Remedial Therapy course in London. It was Jenny who enthused Lynne to work with women during pregnancy, and later to undertake her Advanced CPD in Modern Pregnancy, Functional Exercise and Birth Preparation course. The opportunity to spend more time with Jenny was what drew her to book on this weekend packed full of lectures and practical sessions covering women’s health and wellness.

Other speakers included Michelle Lyons who is passionate about “Empowering Women through Knowledge” – a tag line that sits very well with the way we work at Global Therapies. We have always felt strongly that you should leave our treatment room educated and empowered by that knowledge. Michelle is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a lecturer for the Pelvic Obstetric & Gynaecological Physiotherapy Association in the UK. This lady *really* knows her stuff, and puts it across at a very understandable level. The session on Women’s Health and Cancer Survivorship was really educational, and highlighted that there are so many issues to consider with breast cancer beyond just treating the cancer.

Maria Elliott is a specialist Post Natal Chartered Physiotherapist and a Clinical Pilates instructor. With over 25 years experience in women’s health Maria brought a wealth of information on manual therapy and functional rehab for pelvic to the weekend. A session with Jenny on C-Section Core Restoration looked at how manual and soft tissue therapy, combined with the correct exercises, can completely change the lives of women in the postnatal period (which, by the way, can affect the body for years).

Also at the seminar was the wonderful Jessica Drummond – joining all the way from the United States. Jessica is a women’s and pelvic physical therapist, and speaks so passionately about nutrition and the science behind it. I think it was her session on Preconceptual Nutrition which really stood out from the weekend. The message is essentially simple – you are what you eat, so eat good stuff – yet the depth of information given was immense and will take some digesting (pardon the pun).

The weekend was so valuable to the work we do, and being immersed in an environment full of such knowledgeable women was brilliant. The lectures were informative and practical too – so expect to see a few new additions to Lynne’s personal training sessions.


Lynne has a particular interest and specialist training in Women’s Health and Pregnancy Fitness. Whether you are thinking about having a baby in the future, currently pregnant, or have already given birth, Lynne will be able to help prepare you for, and support you throughout and beyond your pregnancy.

Lynne is able to guide you through the Prenatal Preparation stage, Exercising Safely whilst Pregnant, and will show you how to Restore and Heal your body and core when you return to exercise after birth.




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