Will you be my Valentine?

Valentines Day  – the time when gifts are given to demonstrate love. But what are those gifts usually – chocolate, alcohol, luxuriously rich meals out, flowers?  How good are they for heart health? We would like to challenge the belief that to show your love you need to ‘indulge’ in gifts that are detrimental to heart health. This year why not set out to improve your loved one’s Heart Health?

Massage – treat your partner to a hot stone massage, sports massage or even a physiotherapy appointment to get that niggle they’ve been mentioning for months finally looked at. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to repair if we know the right movements, rehab and exercises to be doing.

Exercise & Staying Active – even 10 minutes of brisk walking will increase the flow of blood from your heart and make a difference to your health. Get yourselves to a wild moorland, windswept beach or your local park for a walk and healthy picnic….

Fresh fruit & vegetables – make up a picnic hamper that’s full of alternative goodness, full of colour, vitamins and tasty delights.

Quiet time & deep breathing – whether you have children or not treat your partner to some time on their own to just ‘be’, give them the gift of time alone to breathe deeply, switch off and not have to deal with the routine of daily life. Even an hour of selfcare indulgence is beneficial and will reduce stress levels and your blood pressure. How amazing would it be for your partner to come home to the bath run, candles lit and their favorite music playing and an hour or two undisturbed to switch off?

The British Heart Foundation has loads of information on their website about preventing heart disease.


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