Why Setting Goals Works

This is applicable to many things, but I’m coming from a Personal Training perspective. When someone first comes to us we spend a good amount of time nailing down the motivation behind their desire to change, and what they ultimately wish to achieve – their GOALS.

From this, we have two things – the WHY and the WHAT. But HOW do we get to the goal, and what will it take to get there?  It is these things that will keep the motivation going during a tough session or when the initial enthusiasm is wearing thin. It is exactly these issues we can help you with.

What I’m going to cover next isn’t a new concept. It’s not my own insight. It’s a well known formula that gets results. It’s the SMART way to achieving.


With each of our Personal Training clients we are always working towards their goals. Behind each training session with us we plan the specifics of what they need to be doing at a particular point in time. This can be things like building endurance or strength, working on plyometrics and agility, or factoring in race preparation and mental resilience.

If you’d like more information or help with defining what and how to achieve goals get in touch. We absolutely love working with individuals knowing we give you the accountability and motivation needed to succeed. We can help you to develop a routine, give you fresh ideas on your exercise and nutrition, and provide you with solid support. During sessions we ensure you exercise safely with proper technique and form, we’ll work on areas to help prevent injury and work through any existing niggles from previous injuries. A personalised programme will help you to maximise your time and energy and secure the results you desire.

Contact us by email contact@globaltherapies.com or by phone 07985 251185 for more information.

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