U is for University

Well, that went rather quickly.

I have now passed my first year of a Physiotherapy BSc. It wasn’t even 12 months ago that I decided that would be a course which I would take, and life has certainly been different – and a lot busier, than I expected it would be this time last year.

I have learned a lot about research methods, evidence based practice and have come to look at various issues that I see from a slightly different perspective than I did before I started the course. My knowledge of skeletal anatomy has certainly come on a lot, as has my understanding of microbiology…

university booksThe summer is being used as a time to take a bit of a breather from education and work, so it is mostly being used as a time to catch up with more work! I also managed to look out a few of the key texts for next years modules, so some of my leisure time will be spent having a quick flick through those.

Next year will certainly be a challenge with more, complex modules and about 5 months of hospital placement – during which I could end up pretty much anywhere from here to Wigan to Bangor.

So no time to rest on laurels, a bit of background reading and understanding now will hopefully pay dividends next term, however, I’m not going to let that get in the way of enjoying the sun that appears to be gracing the Peak district with its presence.

I’m off out for a run before work starts in earnest again tomorrow.


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