Top 5 reasons to get a Personal Trainer

I’m often asked why people have a Personal Trainer. It is true, you can go out for a run or to the gym and exercise on your own. Many people do that and are perfectly satisfied and motivated to put in the effort. But, many people aren’t and don’t. Personal Training will bring BIG Benefits to most people.

Here’s our Top 5 reasons to have a Personal Trainer:


checkmark-303752_12801. Motivation – Lots of people the lack of motivation to exercise, even if you’ve the desire to get fitter/healthier or the need to prevent a medical condition developing/getting worse (for example the potential onset or management of Type II diabetes). Even when you know the physical and mental benefits you’ll gain from exercising it is easy to let the couch swallow up your evening, evenings, weeks. The time and energy required to constantly make the effort and progress is where a trainer can be invaluable.  We keep you on track.

checkmark-303752_12802. Clarity – more often than not we see people who know they want to be fitter or healthier, but have no idea how to really quantify that. With Personal Training we are there to give you clarity in your goals. Sometimes it will take a few weeks or months for an idea of what you want to achieve to be formulated – and that’s all part of the process. By being challenged in workouts you get a feel for what you want to do. I can honestly say it is an amazing feeling as a trainer to have a client say to me “do you know, I think I’d like to be able to run” – and know that with the right guidance and exercises I can boost their confidence sufficiently to see them to their goal – be that a 5km parkrun or a marathon finish line. (btw, that’s a true story of a client who has been training with me for just 8 weeks).

checkmark-303752_12803. Accountability – regular weekly sessions are the perfect check-in, progress report, and a dedicated time for you to be challenged in a safe environment under the guidance of a qualified trainer. At Global Therapies we have a solid background in injury management and rehabilitation so don’t think Personal Training isn’t for you if you are currently out of your game. Now would be a perfect time to get back on track.

A trainers involvement in your fitness adds a level of reporting back that just doesn’t come from training alone. It’s so easy to skip a session, say you’ll do it the next day, and most likely feel guilty about it. The fact you will have to own up means you are less likely to miss a session without just cause. Cold dark mornings or torrential rain are not reasons to skip a training session. And believe me, all of our clients have such a wonderful feeling of smugness for doing those tough sessions.

checkmark-303752_12804. Wisdom – Personal Trainers have undergone many hours of training, and for us that training never stops. We are constantly reading, researching and attending Continued Professional Development courses to further expand our knowledge. We also have the experience of having trained many clients. It is this expertise that you benefit from. We tailor each persons training to enable them to reach their goals with confidence, through gaining strength and conditioning their bodies so they are fit for purpose. I’m not talking about olympic weightlifting here, don’t panic. We train runners to be fit for parkruns or fell races, and mums so they can thoroughly enjoy playing with their kids without feeling shattered after 10mins, and 60+ year olds to be agile and feel confident in daily movements.

checkmark-303752_12805. Challenge – who wants to go to the gym and do the same thing week in week out. This shouldn’t happen with a Personal Trainer, and it will certainly not happen with us. Our workouts are designed to push you when needed, prevent you from feeling stale and bored and constantly work towards your goals. We’re also tuned in to when you need some restorative movement – think busy frazzled mum who leaves the session energized and ready to tackle the world (as was the case with one busy working mum the other day).

A few words from people who train with us:

Jud has been training with us for a while now, this is what he said early into his Personal Training journey:

jud howgillsEach of my sessions has been designed by Lynne to progress me to reach my first target. Each session is different, full of mini-challenges and attainable goals. Though they are physically testing they leave me feeling energised and revitalised. She uses a holistic approach which covers so much more than just training and looks at injury prevention, lifestyle and dietary considerations.  In the last 10 weeks I have lost over a stone in weight, toned up, feel revitalised, gained stamina and speed as well as surpassing my 1st personal target which was a top 50 placing in a 11k Trail race – I was happy to come in at 31st position. Not only that but I also feel more confident about my body shape – the belly is shrinking and I have set new targets for 2015, including a half and full marathon.

For me the number on the scales and finish time in a race are by far secondary to how Jud feels about himself – more confident – RESULT!

Cat, another of our regular Personal Training clients said “I have increased my fitness, lost weight, already completed some of my fitness goals… but most of all I have started to enjoy exercise again!” – BRILLIANT – she’s enjoying exercise and that makes us happy.

One final comment from Amy “I’m now finding my energy levels have increased dramatically and I’m stronger in both body and mind which in turn motivates me to get out running, cycling, climbing or walking because I know that when I’m out…… I CAN DO IT!

If you want to feel this good about yourself, energised and actually enjoy exercising but everything you’ve done up til now hasn’t worked, maybe it’s time to consider Personal Training. Get in touch for a chat.

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