BMC Climbing Injury Symposium 2012

I was privileged enough to be at the BMC injury Symposium this year, both as a participant and a speaker. It is a biannual event where climbing injuries and issues are presented and discussed by a number of interested parties from different areas of the climbing and medical world. We were very fortunate to have Volker Schöffl and his wife Isa – the authors of the original and fantastic book “One move too many”, and they presented a number of excellent sections on injuries, surgery and impacts of training on younger climbers. They spoke eloquently and with great detail on their … Continue reading

Shelf Moor Race report

Wow. I’m quite fatigued. Shelf Moor is a locally run race, organised by Glossopdale fellrunners, and presided over by Gordon- and a very well run race it was too. I had a minor role in providing kit checks at the start of the race (random ones, not EVERYONE got checked). The minimum requirement for the race was a windproof top and bottom layer because of an accident that occurred last year, the runner in question cooled down very quickly because of lack of outer wear. As far as I could see, everyone had taken on board the warnings that anyone … Continue reading