Manual Therapy Sucks?

Manual Therapy Sucks. Manual Therapy does nothing for the patient. Manual Therapy is absolutely useless and shouldnt be used in a therapeutic context. How often have we as physiotherapists heard this kind of thing trotted out in the past few years? Yes, it makes a great twitter line, a good slogan on a t-shirt and a superb way of making people jump up and down and get riled up. I suppose I’m here to say: Manual therapy is not without benefit. Someone wants comforting- what do we do? Immediately we are drawn to comfort them with spoken word, but also … Continue reading

Ok. So I’m really quite naive.

Call me naive, but I entered Physiotherapy to help people get better. The main premise of every treatment is to get the person in front of me on a road to a better place physically and psychologically. I want to know how this patient can help progress themselves, give them ownership of their issues and give them the locus of control. They should not become reliant on me, and if possible, they shouldn’t really need to come back to see me. If they do, it is because they need their exercises progressing, (or indeed regressing), or because something else has … Continue reading

Misconceptions – how many appointments do I need?

Something that comes up when talking with people about physio and appointments is the number of treatments they might or might not need. I know that in the realms of the NHS, 3-4 and sometimes up to 6 appointments are often suggested and you continue to go until those appointments are done. There are other physios and other professions that also work on this kind of basis, suggesting, or sometimes insisting that you pay up front for a course of a number of sessions over the next few weeks or months so that you can come back whenever they deem … Continue reading

Physio Misconceptions – what to expect?

It was suggested to me that I do a quick blog about common misconceptions about physio. Now, I don’t profess to be an absolute expert on this, I can only really recount a few experiences of the mismatch between what some people appear to expect from physio and how that differs to the way we work. I have also drawn from previous experience based on my experiences with physios when I was injured – and how I would expect to be treated as a patient now. What do people expect? Originally, way back when I did my original training in … Continue reading