Stretches for desk workers – part 2

Following on from Stretches for desk workers – part 1, here are the next five stretches for you:

6. Interlaced hands above your head with palms facing upwards (remember to stretch your ribs) then add a slight side bend. Repeat on opposite side.

7. Shoulder shrugs and drops: first shrug your shoulders towards your ears, hold, then release and drop your shoulders and slide your shoulder blades downwards.

8. Palms together in front of you, keeping your elbows level.

9. Spine rotations: cross you right leg over your left, left hand on right knee, right elbow on back of your chair. Then, gently pull your right leg towards the left and look over your right shoulder gently easing it round to the left. Repeat on the opposite side.

10. Place the palms of your hands on your lower back/hips with your fingers pointing downwards. Gently push your palms forwards and your shoulders back.

Suggestions for stretching:

  • Remember to breath while you stretch!!
  • Hold the stretch until you feel tension reduce (forget about counting).
  • Repeat at regular intervals during the day.
  • Don’t stretch through pain.

Print this article and pin it up somewhere visible. Be helpful and leave a copy on a colleague’s desk!  There’s plenty more advice on our website ( and a whole series dedicated to stretching which can be found here: Stretching – an introduction

Any questions drop us a line ( or send us a tweet @globaltherapies

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