#SelfCare2016 has arrived!

We are making 2016 the year to really GO ALL OUT and look after ourselves.

‪#‎SelfCare2016‬ is all about looking after the most important person in your life – YOU!

We all know that we lead hectic lives, spend lots of time looking after and caring for others, often neglecting to care for ourselves. We need to take time out for ourselves so we are going to be sharing information, ideas and challenges about health, being present, mindfulness, and allowing yourself space to just BE without feeling guilty. Lynne has witnessed changes in people through her work as a personal trainer and it’s a delight to see positive growth, and then even better – that positivity then rubs off onto others.fb cover

Your first challenge is to create a Memory Jar. 

This is a special jar where you store notes about good things that happen to you. These can be simple things – like your loved one bringing you a brew in the morning, or your child tidying their bedroom without being asked. Or the memories can be things you are grateful for – good health, a day you felt so motivated you blitzed your cleaning and was smiling and singing while doing it, or the delicious taste of a locally grown apple. Anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy can go in.

Grab some bright pieces of paper and over the coming weeks, months and year write things down with a date – then when you tip the memories out one day you’ll be reminded of when the good things happened.  You could also keep photos or concert tickets or such in there too – but remember to make a note on the ticket of something particular that made the event special.

It can be so easy in our busy lives to forget the seemingly small things were grateful for. Your memory jar will be your collection to treasure. I started my jar today, and have already added my first memory – it’s one to remind me of some heart-warming feedback we received from a client today.

Let’s make this the year of ‪#‎SelfCare‬2016

If you’d like to join us and start a new journey through personal training please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. You can find out more about us on our website.

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