Personal Training Testimonial

We have been carrying out a little research into why people train with us and what they are gaining from their personal training sessions. Here’s what Karolina had to say:

Why did you choose to start on your personal training journey? 

I have suffered from joint and back pain for a long time and tried various types of exercise but nothing helped (if anything, the pain and discomfort got worse). I found out it could be due to suspected hypermobile joint syndrome. I wanted to get fitter and stronger but also to be able to exercise without the risk of making my condition worse.

What was it specifically that led you to choose Global Therapies? 

Tim has had some experience with clients with hypermobility, so I knew I would be in safe hands.

Can you describe any reservations that you had either about training in general or working with us in particular and how you overcame those worries. Was it something we did? 

I was worried my pains wouldn’t get better and that I would be discouraged and give up. I’ve been attending sessions for 6 months and the thought of quitting has never crossed my mind. Tim is very encouraging and understanding. He knows which exercises work for me.  

What is it that you really enjoy about the training sessions?  

That even if I think I couldn’t lift a finger after a hard day at work, Tim motivates me to move and do my best. I always leave happier than when I walked in 😉  

Would you recommend training with Global Therapies?

I would recommend training with Tim because he’s extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging. He makes the time go by even if you’re suffering on an erg [skierg]. He helps you realise your progress in times of doubt and celebrates every little success in the gym with you.  

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