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The UK government guidelines state we should all be keeping active, regardless of age. That means we should all be doing a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise each week.

Now here’s the thing most people don’t appreciate – for that exercise to be of benefit it must get you HOT & SWEATY and OUT OF BREATH. Exercise to stay healthy is meant to challenge you, to put a little stress on your body so it is forced to adapt and get stronger and stay healthy with the ability to cope with your daily life.

The INTENSITY of the exercise we undertake must be at the right level for it to be of greatest benefit. Just walking around town or pottering in the garden isn’t likely to be pushing you to the right intensity.

In addition – to stay well and independent we should all be doing two strength sessions each week, and two balance / proprioception (co-ordination) sessions each week.

The examples the government give for strengthening exercises are “Exercising with weights” or “Carrying or moving heavy loads such as groceries” – all well and good if you’re groceries are ‘heavy’ and you spend sufficient time doing so – not just 30 seconds lifting the bags from your car to the kitchen! For balance and coordination the suggestions are yoga and Tai Chi – but remember these are in addition to the moderate or vigorous exercise, not instead of.

Do you think the guidelines are suggesting too much exercise? Not sure you can fit that amount of exercise into your week? Only you can decide where to invest. Do you choose to invest in your health NOW or do you wait and invest in your care (home care, nursing care etc) later in life when relying on others to care for you?

 For us, it’s a no-brainer – get moving now, keep moving in the right ways and stay healthy and fit throughout your life.

Keep your independence and stay feeling young.

If you want help to get moving your body, need motivation and accountability to keep you on track then Personal Training sessions with us will really benefit you. Tim is a Chartered Physiotherapist so if you have a medical condition and think exercise might be difficult to do – he’s the person to help break down those barriers. Tim doesn’t just send you away with a list of never-to-be-done again exercises – you will move and discover just how much you can do once you have the right encouragement. We make you #FitForLife – that’s your life and your abilities.

Interested for yourself, or someone you know? Then get in touch TODAY explaining why you should come to us for training. Email Tim or Lynne on

To give yourself the gift of better health, fitness, strength and mental resilience – throughout your whole life – get in touch and we’ll get you started on your Personal Training journey.


Let us help you #MoveYourBody to get you #FitForLife


Government Factsheet 4: Physical activity guidelines for Adults (19-64)

Factsheet 5: Physical activity for Older Adults (65+ years)

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