Migraines, Art & Soft Tissue Therapy

We’ve recently discovered the world of Migraine art – and spent quite a while searching the images on the internet – the image below grabbed Lynne’s attention, and really reflects how migraines feel for her:

migraine art

Have you found an image that reflects your migraines?

Post your image on our facebook page and leave a comment explaining how migraines affect you. While there are common symptoms associated with migraines, your experience and discomfort is as unique as you are. It can be comforting to hear what other people experience, so please do share your story with us.

We have both experienced the debilitating nature of migraines and therefore have great understanding in the treatment of this condition. We can provide soft tissue therapy to relieve and treat the symptoms you suffer. In our clinical experience our hot stone therapy treatments can also very beneficial for migraine and headache sufferers, and combined with trigger point therapy you will experience a truly comprehensive service from us.

“Come to #shaff gone to heaven with @globaltherapies. Migraine gone!” Lissa Cook, PR & organiser for @HeasonEvents”.

Lissa is an Ex London BBC Radio 4 Producer turned Peak District adventure & community sports PR. She is the organiser of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and Buxton Adventure Festival. Here’s what Lissa’s thinks of our treatments:

Lynne is friendly, professional and efficient.  She’s always quick to respond to enquiries about appointment slots.  Whether I’m looking for a relaxing hot stone massage for a treat after a busy week at work or a more targeted sports massage to relieve post-run and ride aches and pains, or even last-minute emergency head massages to deal with a migraine, an hour spent with Lynne is great value and an even greater pleasure.  She’s also a font of useful information – her advice on rehab exercises after I twisted my ankle was invaluable and likewise she’s provided both myself and my husband with great tips on improving my sleeping position and his driving position which have had a really positive impact on our lives.  (And she makes excellent jam and chutney!)

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