I’m injured, will rest just make it go away?

Injury. It’s pretty rubbish. Unfortunately when you get injured, it doesn’t always take the same amount of time to heal, nor does it manifest itself in the same way as it does in others. It’s not the same as a bit on your car or bike breaking down – why is this?   Variables The injured tissue Every different type of body tissue takes different amounts of time to repair. Even in muscles, different bits of muscle take different amounts of time to heal. Have you injured a tendon, the junction between the muscle and the tendon, the main part … Continue reading

The Importance of Sleep

The benefits of sleep and sleeping well need little introduction. But do we all get a good nights sleep? We think it’s worth spending a little time during this week (Sleep Awareness Week) to think about what you can do to promote better sleep for yourself. 6-12 March 2016 Poor sleep, reduced hours sleep, insomnia or disturbed sleep all take a toll on our physical and mental states. It can even be dangerous in some circumstances (driving, operating machinery, or even leading to bad decision-making). Many of us will experience insomnia at some point in our lives. Insomnia on a ‘temporary’ or … Continue reading

Top 5 Recovery Methods

Recovery is so important for anyone who exercises, regardless of the volume and intensity. The key is to not think that “recovery” means “complete rest”. One hour in the gym or running then sitting down on your backside for the remaining 167 hours in the week is not a good recipe for your overall health and well-being. When we say recovery, we mean things you can do to improve your chances of coming back to the activity stronger, being fitter, preventing injury, improving your overall health, and maximizing the time you do spend lifting weights/running or whatever activity you do. … Continue reading

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Exercise on Depression

A long while ago I had some time off work – signed off with depression. The ‘D’ word is less dirty these days. Back then, I literally hid away at home in case I bumped into someone I knew and didn’t have a limb hanging off, for the unseen illness surely didn’t exist! That attitude didn’t help me at all, and staying in a self-imposed locked up four walls meant I did little exercise. I had no appetite for it anyway. The self-perpetuating circle of gloom fueled itself merrily. Yet, had the doctor prescribed a 60 minute brisk walk daily (even better … Continue reading

Chief Medical Officers Report: Women in Health

11 December 2015 saw the publication of the Chief Medical Officer’s annual report on Women’s Health. The report “contains analysis of, and recommendations on, a range of women’s health issues, including obesity, cancer and reproductive health.” We were very pleased when we learnt that the CMO had focused her report on women’s health, and tackled head on some of the topics which are often shied away from in public, such as menopause and incontinence. This report is of great interest to us. The main themes she looked at are: obesity and its impact on women’s health, including reproductive health women’s health … Continue reading

#SelfCare2016 has arrived!

We are making 2016 the year to really GO ALL OUT and look after ourselves. ‪#‎SelfCare2016‬ is all about looking after the most important person in your life – YOU! We all know that we lead hectic lives, spend lots of time looking after and caring for others, often neglecting to care for ourselves. We need to take time out for ourselves so we are going to be sharing information, ideas and challenges about health, being present, mindfulness, and allowing yourself space to just BE without feeling guilty. Lynne has witnessed changes in people through her work as a personal trainer and it’s a delight … Continue reading